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Oral Surgery and Maxxilofacial Surgery

At VC Smile by Design, we lay a great stress on providing you the best service according to your needs. Our dedicated team of expert oral surgeons are highly experienced and have the expertise and skills for performing a wide range of dental surgeries with considerable ease. Here, the focus is on providing our patients with minimally invasive treatment that is best suited for them.

The treatments we offer include:

  • Removal of impacted, damaged, and non-restorable teeth
  • Atraumatic Extraction of impacted teeth including 3rdMolars (wisdom teeth)
  • Surgical reconstruction of inadequate bone structure in the jaw area (Orthognathic Surgery)
  • Treatment of injuries to the face, jaws, teeth and mouth.
  • Diagnosis and treatment Facial and Tempero-mandibular Joint pain, and other diseases in the maxillofacial region.

Oral Surgery at VC Smile By Design

At VC Smile by Design we are equiped with the latest state of the art equipment like :

Woodpecker Peizosurgery Unit :

for atraumatic and selective cutting of bone without damaging the adjacent vital nerves and blood vessels etc

Epic™ X Diode Soft Tissue laser

for wide variety of oral soft tissue procedures and dental whitening, as well as for use in providing Fast pain relief.

NSK Surgic-pro Implant Surgery unit


Piezoelectric devices are innovative tools that have extensive use in dental implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

The Piezo unit was developed for the atraumatic cutting of bone by way of ultrasonic vibrations and as an alternative to the mechanical and electrical instruments that are used in conventional oral surgery. It allows the selective cutting of bone without damaging the adjacent soft tissue (e.g. vessels, nerves or mucosa), providing a clear visibility in the operating field, and cutting with micron sensitivity without the generation of heat.

Applications of Piezosurgery

In dento-alveolar procedures:

  • Separating the tooth roots.
  • Hemi-section, root amputation.
  • Periodontal surgery.
  • Apical resection and endodontic treatments.

In dental implantology:

  • Implant socket preparation.
  • Alveolar ridge splitting and expansion.
  • Re-contouring of alveolar crest.
  • Mental nerve reposition.

In maxillary sinus bone grafting surgery:

  • Preparation of bone window with lateral approach.
  • Atraumatic dissection of sinus mucosa.
  • Internal sinus floor elevation.

In maxillofacial bone surgery:

  • Harvesting of autogenous bone grafts.
  • Alveolar decortication and corticotomy.
  • Orthognathic surgery.
  • Alveolar distraction.
  • Removal of cystic and tumour-like lesions

Advantages of Piezosurgery

The main advantages of piezosurgery in the oral and maxillofacial areas are:

  • Clear vision of the surgical area from the pressurized irrigation and cavitation effect.
  • Haemostasis is ensured through the cavitation effect.
  • Bone sectioning can be performed with micrometric sensitivity.
  • Avoiding the risk of damage to adjacent soft tissue while cutting through hard tissues.
  • Healing occurs fast, because no damage is inflicted on the living osteocytes and it induces an earlier bone morphogenetic protein release. ‘
  • Piezosurgery provides the ease of harvesting intra- or extra-oral autogenous graft. Due to its inserts with various angles, it can be easily used in areas where it is difficult to see and reach.
  • Due to the absence of macro-vibrations, patients feel very comfortable during surgeries under local anaesthesia.

Note:  Use in patients with pacemakers is not recommended

Epic X Diode Soft Tissue Laser

A diode laser has distinct advantages over both the conventional scalpel and the electrosurgery unit.

  • First, it is far gentler than either electrosurgery or scalpel.
  • It has great precision, it’s reliable and provides superior visual access of the area operated.
  • The control on bleeding is high with no harm to the tissue.
  • Tissue separates gently and easily with the laser and hemostasis is achieved rapidly and there is minimal post-operative swelling

Tissue recovery is fast with reduced swelling, inflammation and pain.

  • Can perform without local anesthesia infiltration or block, but the use of topical anesthesia is necessary.
  • Unlike electrosurgery lasers do not require the placement of a grounding plate (very low tech!).
  • It generates little or no heat which can impact on implant longevity. And with implants, when the healing cap is removed, lasers can safely remove any tissue tags not possible with electrosurgery for fear of the electrode contacting the metal implant platform and the resulting current destroying the osseointegration.
  • One can safely remove hypertrophic tissue around orthodontic wires and/or brackets.
  • The soft tissue diode laser is safe to use with patients who have a pacemaker.

Such procedures as gingival contouring, operculectomy, periodontal therapy, troughing, gingivectomy, uncovering unerupted teeth, removal of fibrous tissue, removal of tissue tags around uncovered implant platforms and treatment of apthus ulcers are just some of the many uses for a soft tissue diode laser.

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